Salary Based Loans

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Our loans are salary-based, therefore loan thresholds suit each individual’s needs and repayment capacity. No collateral is required! One’s household properties are enough as security. Funds are advanced to individuals and we deposit the money into personal bank accounts. Loan repayment is over a flexible period through monthly instalments.


You can get a loan to pay for your children's school fees.


You can finance your agriculture schemes such as buying seeds, fertilisers, and any other agricultural inputs


You can finance your social functions lobola, weddings


You can use our loans for you home renovations or developing other things like borehole drilling, durawalls, driveway, pavements


In case of emergence, we can give you a loan for any emergences such as funeral, medical, other bills


You can have a loan to do personal things such as shopping, holidays

Private Companies Employee Loans

Coverlink Finance provides loans to corporate employees, based on an agreement between the employer and Coverlink Finance. This allows employers to solve employees’ problem off-balance sheet, and frees up the working capital of the company. It is at the decision of the HR department of a company to monitor staff borrowings. There is no liability to the employer except to deduct repayments as per agreement. Loans are disbursed within 24 hours of approved application.

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Our loans are affordable and payments are made in less than 24hrs

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